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Here’s What We Provide

There are different ways I can bring perfection to your documents. Look at the descriptions below, or contact me for a quote or further information


Proofreading services

No job too small

·        Full spell check

·        Full grammar check

·        Accuracy check (phone numbers etc)

·        Can be done online or on paper

·        Can use any style guide or dictionary

  • Prices start from just £5

Contact me for a quote.

Copy editing services

For a more in-depth service

  • All proofreading services included

  • Full formatting and consistency check

  • Full readability check

  • Full brevity check

  • Prices start from just £7.50

Contact me for a quote  

Express service

For when you just can't wait

  • Proofreading in 24 hours (less than 3000 words)

  • Copyediting in 48 hours (less than 3000 words)

  • Prices start from just £10

Limited availability - contact me to avoid disappointment

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