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Why do I need a proofreader?

Once you've written your copy, it's hard for you to notice any errors in your writing - your brain sees what you meant to write, often not what's on the page.  Having a fresh pair of eyes look over your work can save you the embarrassment of sending out thousands of business cards with the wrong phone number, or missing out on a job because of a few typos on your application letter.

Do I need a proofread or do I need copy editing?

If you're happy that what you have written is clear and concise, then a proofread is all you need.  A final check of spelling, grammar and accuracy.  
If you're not entirely happy with your content, then a copy edit might be wise.  I can ensure that your text is as crisp and concise as possible, as well as checking the spelling, grammar and accuracy.

What do you charge?

Charges depend on the services you need, and also how quick a turnaround you require.

Proofreading starts from £5 for anything less than 500 words.

Copy editing starts from £7.50 for anything less than 500 words.

Express service starts from £10 for anything less than 500 words.

Contact me for a personalised quote for your job.  

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